Hi I'm Erica,  the owner and founder of CeBola design.  My degree in Graphic Arts transcends pen and paper.  I see everyday ordinary events as countless, individual works of art.  I love function, form, texture – all things beautiful and I am a true designer at heart.  With this mindset it seemed only natural that I take on one of the most beautiful of life’s occasions, weddings.  What started out as helping friends and family bloomed into specializing in floral arrangements and invitations for all weddings from the timeless and elegant to the new and unique.  Early on in my career I became fascinated with flowers and paper and how they can be combined with all elements of nature.  As my passion for flowers has grown so has my experience in making that special day as worry free as possible.

maKeup by  studio B and Photo by dp Photography

CeBola  means onion in Portuguese.  While best know as a food, onions actually belong to the lily family.  The flowers of this species present a splendid array of shapes, colors and textures.  CeBola design is inspired by the fascinating and unique possibilities of this ever graceful plant.  We invite you to contact US and contemplate the possibilities now.